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 Yummy Manicotti

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PostSubject: Yummy Manicotti   Tue Feb 10, 2009 5:16 pm

Ok I have made this twice. Once with manicotti noodles and once with big shells.
I like the manicotti shaped better. I know they are the same... but its the eyes..

so I was going to share this recipe with you but noticed that my cook book that has that particular recipe is missing. It must be with butterflys network card.
I hope they are safe. I will try to give it from memory.

I have a picture of before and after for the shells.

1 package of 5 cheese (mozz, parm, provolone, etc)
Large container of Ricotta cheese (you can use skim or whole)

1/2 lb ground beef (or not if you a veggie)
chopped onion
little garlic
salt and pepper
2 eggs
can of diced tomatoes (italian flavored)
jar of any brand spaghetti sauce

big box of either noodle style
shells or manicotti

brown the beef with the onion and garlic.
add the tomatoes
basil (palm it)
oregano (palm it)
spaghetti sauce

(I dont measure them out- I use my palm, like if you cup it- to hold water... I know this is hard to explain but you will get it as you are doing it. about the size of a quarter if it was in your palm)

at the same time have your water boiling to get those noodles going.
cook those according to package directions.

drain and let cool a few minutes.

for the mixture that goes inside-

mix the ricotta, with almost the entire bag of the italian cheese. (you leave a little to sprinkle on the top just before pulling out of the oven)
add 2 eggs
parsley (2 palms)

now its ready to go in your noodles.

what kind did you get?
the shells are the easiest to fill.
if you got the manicotti style, a trick to getting the stuffing in those bad boys is, I cut them with my kitchen scissors.

stuff them and roll them back together, I put the slt side down on the bottom you never see it.

in a lasagna pan or any glass dish pour most of your suace and meat mixture in the bottom of that dish.
(save a little to drizzle over the top)
place your noodles on top of the sauce, you dont want to bury them in sauce tho.
then after they are all in place, pour the rest of your sauce on the top.

bake in the oven for about 30 minutes.
I bake them covered for the first 15 minutes, then after the next 15 I put the remainder of the cheese on it and turn the oven off.
let it set for a minute in the oven while that cheese melts.
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Yummy Manicotti
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